Sonic Oxygenic Device

"Oxygen-rich blood flow is the power of happiness. As long as your blood flow is rich with oxygen, you are recovering and making life better.”
– Appeal of Sonic Oxygenic Device

By improving microcirculation and optimizing oxygen in your blood flow, you are at a “balanced state” with “self-heal” body and mind could restore to its original state.

Founder's Message

"You are not yet to be successful, not because of resources, networking or good product, but a physical and mental state that does not work for your dreams and goals!"
- Mr. Tan Shi Hau, Founder of Meriwell Sdn Bhd

Oxygen-rich blood flow solve all

"Oxygen-rich blood flow can delay aging and increase metabolism." Sonic Oxygenic Device relieves pulmonary hypertension, reduces blood viscosity and delays occurrence of pulmonary heart disease. Oxygen can also alleviate dyspnea, improve brain function thus improve quality of life. "

"When microcirculation disorder occurs, once there is disorder in microcirculation, blood supply decreases and thus cell starts aging. Therefore our body integrate meridians, nerves, blood vessels and lymph into a complex and efficient system to ensure sustainability of the 60 trillion cells in our body. "

"Active meridians increase microcirculation blood flow. The cell’s environment can be improved with quality micro-blood flow. Our blood vessels become healthier with the enhancement of cell aerobic respiration. Acidic fluid, due to accumulation of CO2 can be discharged easily with good cell aerobic respiration as well. "

"Reversal of aging" is the process of changing inside out, thus with the gradual improvement of the cellular microenvironment, youthful rejuvenation of cells occurs and– you will definitely look “younger”

Strengthen your immune system: Body's immune system is governed by quality blood flow, while the body's anti-virus is mainly through the blood of immune cells. It also enhances blood flow efficiency and blood quality.

Improved Brain Function:
Sonic Oxygenic Device improves stomach, bladder and gall bladder meridians. This will improves blood supply to the brain tissues, and accelerate the release of CO2; it restores the elasticity of the brain’s micro-vessels, stimulates brain synthesis of neurotransmitter.

Energetic Spirit:
Sonic Oxygenic Device improves resonance of meridians, thus providing sufficient Qi and blood. You are able to effortlessly go up 5 stories of stair steps without a break.

Minimized Occurrence of the “Three Hypers”
According to TCM, the cause of the “Three Hypers” is poor peripheral circulation. (Pericardium and Triple Burner Meridian). Sonic Oxygenic Device helps to improve the "Qi leakage" and "Stagnant Blood" which prevent hyperlipidemia and high blood glucose.

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