Smart Sonic Device

Meriwell Smart Sonic Device cleanses the meridian and enhance body blood microcirculation. When our brain goes into deep sleep, body can be repaired and internal organs can regenerate and recover the full potential of the organs itself. EEG brain delta wave therapy is to convert ordinary electric current into bioelectricity to repair brain neurons, balance neurotransmitters and solve our body condition from the source of our body.

Our body needs rest, our brain need to rest too

The latest scientific research found that when our brain stop working, it is actually doing a general cleaning which is detoxification and purification of the brain. This type of cleaning drains a lot of energy from our body. When the brain cells are awake, almost no cleaning process is carried out. This is because the cells must concentrate on other tasks during the waking hours. This also means that if we do not fall asleep, our brain could not perform cleaning process, toxin and waste could not be taken out from our brain.

The key to deep sleep

The state of you are in deep sleep is the state of Delta wave. The Delta wave is the slowest wave of all the other five-brainwave frequencies. Delta wave is ranging from 0-4 Hz. Delta wave sleeping is the deepest stage of sleep; it plays a vital role in health and the well being of our body. Even if your lifestyle does not allow eight hours of sleep, a few hours of Delta wave sleep will allows your brain to think it has all the restorative sleep you need. The Delta wave program is an ideal choice when you want to enter your subconscious for deep and powerful reprogramming.

Deep sleep and repair

The main benefit of Delta waves is to let people achieve deep sleep so our body can heals, rest and rejuvenates completely. Without deep sleep, one would feel less energetic and weak. Delta wave can produce hormones such as DHEA and melatonin to reduce the process of aging, improve skin and body function and enhance our body health. It also helps to produce natural human growth hormone which help restore physical strength and improve the immune system to further protect our body from disease.

What is Resonance?

Resonance is the source of Qi. When our body in the best Resonance sate, the blood in our body can be delivered to the destination using very less energy. Qi is the sound wave that transmitted in the blood vessels. The resonance between organs and sonic wave, the resonance of veins loop in our hands and legs are started since our fetal development. When Smart Sonic Device release the same frequency of sonic wave with our meridian, resonance effect will occurs. The Qi in our meridian will transmit along the direction of the sonic wave which promotes the circulation of Qi and blood, cleansing our body meridian and achieving the purpose of delivering blood and Qi around the body.

The benefits of cleansing meridian

The Device To Provide Holistic Treatment

The holistic treatment provided by Sonic Oxygenic Device has successfully excluded the dilemma in acupuncture treatment, the worry of mind control in Qigong, etc.

Sonic Oxygenic Device cleanses the twelve meridians and balances our organs with smooth energy flow, hence replenishing the whole body system. The revolution brought by Sonic Oxygenic Device is a perfect integration of ancient wisdom and advanced sonic technology.

The Auto Qigong Device

When the sonic wave propagates along the meridian, it creates dynamic energy to accelerate Qi flow in our body. The forceful Qi flow helps to cleanse the clogged meridians, discharge toxins and deliver nutrients to the whole body. With sufficient Qi, an aging organ will be replenished from low to high functioning organ. People without illness can also increase Qi energy to prevent chronic diseases and prevent illness.

The Device Without Tolerance

In a Sonic Oxygenic treatment, no stimulation is applied on the human body (such as body temperature rise, electrical stimulation, changes in body magnetic field and other parameters). Therefore, the human body will not develop fatigue with it. Sonic Oxygenic Device issues a specific low frequency sound wave which produces “resonance” with the meridian vessels but it will not change the frequency of the meridian vessels. The longer it is used, the better it will be. Oxygen is the driving force of human life, and it will be consumed by the cells to produce energy, furthermore there will not be any problem of dependency or danger.

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