Sonic Oxygenic Device

RM 7,800.00

The Sonic Oxygenic Device was built upon the core fundamentals of Chinese medicine and cutting-edge technology, and aims to restore the flow of the Qi and blood so that the body can function optimally.


Meriwell Sonic Oxygen Analyzer combines with more than 20 years of advanced research achievements of biological physics and accurately developed the resonance frequency of the Twelve Meridians and the Eight Extraordinary Vessels of the body according to the Five Elements Order of the “River Map” (He Tu) and the law of the midnight-noon ebb-flow pathway to complete the exclusive patented “Sonic Therapy Movement.”

While improving the meridian mechanism of the body through low-frequency sonic waves, Meriwell Sonic Oxygen Analyzer at the same time releases high purity oxygen and guides the blood with high blood oxygen to penetrate deeply into the clogged micro-circulation. It improves the “acidic water” accumulation phenomenon, enhances breathing efficiency of cells, and injects new life into aging cells.

The common top ten causes of death in Malaysia are related to the body’s circulation system, of which 70% is related to cardiovascular disease. Most do not view modern diseases as directly related to blood circulation, but if one carefully investigates further, high percentage of the root cause is due to the problem of poor circulation. For example, why do we have pneumonia or nephritis? The main cause of pneumonia is bacteria hiding in the lungs. Why don’t the bacteria hide somewhere else but in the lungs? That is because of poor circulation in the lungs, turning it into a remote zone.

Arguably, blood circulation is the means by which the body rules every organ and tissue. All of our offensive and defensive mechanism is contained in the blood circulation.

When pulmonary circulation becomes poor, white blood cells and antibodies cannot be brought in easily, and bacteria multiply quickly and hence cause pneumonia. The same principle applies in every part of the body – poor circulation in the trachea, and bacteria thrive and cause asthma. Therefore, if we intend to overcome modern diseases thoroughly and avoid the top ten causes of death, we must start taking care of our blood circulation.


7-inch large screen interface is simple and easy to use, adults and children can easily learn to use and be familiar with the operation within a short time.

100% clears dirty substances, odors and air moisture, ensuring high purity of oxygen flow.

Water tank can help to achieve humidification purposes, when using Sonic Oxygenic Device, oxygen is no longer dry and inhaling the pure oxygen makes body more healthy and comfortable.