Health Screening

Health Screening

Microcirculation screening allows us to understand the condition of blood flow and micro capillary which can determine the root of diseases of you.
Meriwell customers are entitled to two home health screening for free. Customer may visit our outlet for free Health screening as well. All our health-screening services are FOC!

Our health screening consists´╝Ü

Microcirculation Microscope

Originated from Japan Medical with more than a century. Japanese doctors observe that microcirculation on left hand ring finger can discover diseases of our organs in early stage. Through the shape and blood flow on micro capillary, we can identify the problem and do prevention in advance.

Quantum Resonance Screening

Quantum Resonance Screening is rapid, accurate and non-invasive. You just need to hold the sensor for a minute, and obtain more than hundred health condition data.

Eight Body Types

What to eat or what not to eat? People are often confused when they come to this issue. Meriwell provide an easy survey that you can complete within minutes, a brand new scientific way to understand your current physical condition and provide you with appropriate diet advises that according to your body types.

Scientific pulse diagnosis

Pulse diagnosis has thousands years of history in Tradisional Chinese Medicine history. However due to the difference pulse diagnosis results from different doctors, causing people to think that pulse diagnosis is not scientific nor accurate. In the 21st century, the complicated pulse can be digitized and different pulse phase could reflect the changes of blood circulation in different organs. This enable us to understand our body more and finding the present of undiscovered dangerous diseases. Visit us in Meriwell today and experience it yourself.

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