Fruit Enzyme Beverage

Cleanse, Enhance and Supplement, three in one function:
While the fruit and vegetable enzymes cleanse up the intestinal environment and eliminate toxins,
Peptide protein is used to repair tissue to improve blood vessel elasticity, and then supplement with ginseng essence to enhance Qi and Blood.

胶原蛋白肽 Peptides

Collagen is a nutrient that the human body needs to make up for aging. It is widely found in the skin, bones, muscles, cartilage, joints and hair tissues of the human body. It plays a three-fold anti-aging effect of support, repair and protection. When the collagen content in the body drops, it loses the power to support the skin. The external manifestation is that the skin appears dry and relaxed and inelastic.

酵素 Enzyme

Enzymes are made up of proteins and are essential for maintaining normal functioning, digesting food, and purifying blood. Enzymes play a catalytic role and role in the human body. If the human body lacks enzymes, all activities in the body will stop. Therefore, despite the sufficient amount of vitamins, minerals, water and protein, without enzymes, it is still unable to sustain life. The human body can synthesize enzymes from the pancreas and liver cells, but it can also be obtained from food. It is rich in enzymes in fresh fruits and vegetables and various vegetables.

人参 Ginseng

Ginseng is a big addition, so ginseng can be strong, and it has a rescue effect on cardiogenic shock. It was rumored by the ancients to return to life. The ancients said that when people live a breath and die, they say that ginseng can replenish this energy to maintain human life activities. In addition, I believe that many people can feel the symptoms of insufficient strength as they grow older. Qi, that is, can improve the symptoms of short-term loss of vitality.

The two effects of Fruit Enzyme Beverage

Cleanse Meridian

1. Delay arteriosclerosis
2. Remove blood stasis
3. Remove blood clots & clear blood vessels
4. Control blood pressure, blood lipids and blood sugar
5. Prevent thrombosis to form cerebral infarction
6. Improve brain blood supply and microcirculatory disorders

Repair Blood Vessel

1. Protect blood vessels structure
2. Prevent vascular aging
3. Preventing high blood pressure
4. Promote the regenerate of vascular wall fibrous layer
5. Softens and maintains the elasticity of the vessel wall
6. Prevent various cardio and cerebrovascular diseases

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