Dual Pulse Quantum Meridian Device

Meriwell Dual Pulse Quantum Meridian Device uses high tech digital technology that generate low frequency bio-electric currents which are applied to the whole body through the meridian to achieving whole body recovering and regenerating. Compiling the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Meridian Study, Chinese Pharmacy Study, Physic Study and others, using traditional micro-computer to integrated Acupuncture, Tuina, QiGong, Scraping, Cupping, Bone Fixation into one device, forming a four-force combination to solve the problems in our body from the root.

What is micro-electric dual pulse?

It is a micro-current wave, similar to the waveform of the pulse beat on the electrocardiogram. The human meridian is a conductive system with sensing and low resistance. The bioelectric is emitted from the human heart, brain, muscle, nerves and other parts; they are transmitted to various organs of the body through the meridians. Low frequency pulse is used to stimulate the meridian points of the human body to produce the moxibustion effect.

The role of micro-electric dual pulse

1. To stimulate neuromuscular tissue

In the state of reaching the stimulate intensity, frequency and time, this will leads to the contraction of our muscle which can leads to higher body strength, wrinkles reduce and weight loss.

2. Promote body blood circulation

The dual pulse stimulate the cells, releasing histamine and expanding our blood vessels in order to promote our body blood flow and circulation.

3. Analgesic

Dual pulse treatment stimulates the effect of massage, Tuina, squeezing physiotherapy to remove the deposited toxin in our body. Once the clogged in our body is cleansed, the effect of analgesia will be achieved.

Six Main Selling Point

One Device For Two

Dual Pulse Quantum Meridian Device has a independent dual operation interface, allowing users to save time by simultaneously performing treatment to both customers at the same time. At the same time, you can better understanding the therapy information such as strength and time to improve the therapeutic rate.

Dual frequency resonance

The sonic frequency of Dual Pulse Quantum Meridian device is consistent with the frequency of human meridian to achieving a harmonious resonance effect to cleanse the body meridian, discharging toxins and repair our body damaged human tissue.

Trinity Effect

Through the path of meridian, Trinity effect can effectively balanced our body cell’s magnetic field to enhance the self healing ability of the body to eliminate the toxins in our body and achieving the perfect circulation state of the whole body meridians.

Four Forces

Dual Pulse Quantum Meridian device combines the function of Diffusion Force, Tracting Force, Driving Force and Penetrating Force.

Five Main Organs

The Dual Pulse Quantum Meridian device reconciles the five main internal organs of the body, which is heart, liver, spleen, lung and kidney, keeping the health and Qi of the body to be balanced. The coordination of these five organ is the key to not fall sick.

Six Supplemental Organs

The Dual Pulse Quantum meridian device regulates the six supplemental internal organs of the human body, which is stomach, large intestine, small intestine, triple burner, bladder and gallbladder. These organs are restored to their best state so that our body can operate smoothly and healthily

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