You have the following questions? Using Meriwell Health Devices can improve these common diseases, Let life back as wonderful as before!

Common Diseases

Stroke, Hypertension

The main cause of hypertension is insufficient oxygen in crucial organs. To compensate for this, our heart has to pump harder and faster in order to increase blood pressure to deliver oxygen to the body. There are three types of high blood pressure: high diastolic pressure, high systolic pressure and hypertension. Whereas Western medicine usually prescribes lifelong medication, 95% of Sonic Oxygenic Device users stop medication after a few months of treatment.

Lung meridian clogging normally causes high diastolic pressure. 99% of high diastolic patients normally face problems like constipation or loose stool. On the other hand, weakening liver, spleen and kidney meridians causes high systolic pressure. Lastly, hypertension patients normally face heart disease and arteriosclerosis. Hypertension is normally seen in patients above 65 years of age. Hypertension in patients below 65 is usually caused by an irregular lifestyle. Using on big intestine, gall bladder and small intestine can be beneficial for hypertension treatment.


Insomnia is a disease of the modern civilization and its root lies in the disorder of the stomach, spleen, liver and kidney meridians. Western doctors believe that the disorder of the valgus nerve and emotions is the key issue. When the body is not healthy, emotions will be affected. Patients with spleen disorder will normally have a few symptoms like white tongue, pale mouth, loss of appetite and fitful sleep. They should not eat past 7 pm. During treatment, use Sonic Oxygenic Device on the stomach and triple burner meridian. Patients with liver problem usually cannot fall asleep the whole night due to a hot liver and heart problem. Using the Sonic Oxygenic Device on the gall bladder will help them to fall asleep. Patients with kidney problems make up the majority of insomnia patients. Their symptoms include nightmares and shallow sleep. When using the Sonic Oxygenic Device, first focus on small intestine and triple burner meridians, the focus on bladder and triple burner meridians. Clinical reports show that the Sonic Oxygenic Device can improve insomnia by up to 92%.


Senile dementia, brain atrophy, Parkinson’s disease and forgetfulness are caused by the insufficiency of neurotransmitters in the brain. Western medicine suggests taking dopamine. However, BBB prevents the brain from dopamine absorption and as such this is ineffective. When using device, the amount of brain dopamine increases due to increasing blood and oxygen supply to the brain. Using Sonic Oxygenic Device will show a very obvious effect in the long term. Use Sonic Oxygenic Device on small intestine, bladder, gallbladder and triple burner meridian for the best outcome.

High Cholesterol

High cholesterol occurs when metabolic waste in the blood cannot be discharged. The main cause is the liver. The liver’s detoxification function becomes slow and ineffective. TCM believes that this is due to stagnant Qi, which causes thickening of the blood. The spleen also plays an important role in high cholesterol. Using Sonic Oxygenic Device on gall bladder and stomach meridian, followed by large intestine and bladder meridian, can promote the liver’s detoxification.

Gastric Problem

Most gastric problems are caused by duodenal mucosa damage. The main reason is the stimulation of heat and cold in the stomach, which causes cramps and discomfort. TCM tells us that stomach disease occurs when the stomach and spleen meridians are both clogged. Other reasons may include heart, liver, kidney and lung problems. Stomach problems can be treated with the Sonic Oxygenic Device on stomach, bladder and triple burner meridians for 7-15 days with encouraging results. Patients normally recover in full in about 6 months.


Diabetes occurs due to blockage in triple burner meridian. The treatment must be focused on the triple burner meridian. Upper burner causes red tongue, ulcer and dry stool. Middle burner causes pale tongue and sudden weight loss and lower burner causes increased frequency of urination and yellow eyes. Currently, patients reduce the amount of medicine taken after Sonic Oxygenic Device treatment to about 25% in 3 months. Medicine intake is reduced by 50% in half years. The effectiveness is closed to 90%.

Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction is usually caused by kidney deficiency. More than 95% of patients are facing physiological problems as well. To heal them, the first step is to build confidence. Sexual dysfunction affects life quality and promotes other diseases too. To prevent all these, one must start treatment early. Using Sonic Oxygenic Device on bladder, gallbladder, stomach and triple burner meridians will show the best effect. To achieve a quality sex life, one can place the vibrators on the inguinal area for 20 minutes, one hour before sex. However, frequent use is not advisable.

Bone Disease

There are a few types of bone disease like rheumatism, gout and joint disease. For rheumatism and gout patients who have never used steroids before, Sonic Oxygenic Device treatment may be begun on intensity 1. Using Sonic Oxygenic Device on the bladder, gallbladder and stomach meridians, along with triple burner and large intestine meridians, will show the best result. Joint disease patients will witness significant improvement after 20 days. Deficiency of energy in the kidney meridian will usually result in weakening cartilage in the elderly. This can be combated by using the Sonic Oxygenic Device on the bladder, triple burner, stomach and gallbladder meridians.


Bronchospasm is caused by the valgus nerve disorders. General therapeutic drugs can only release the symptoms but not heal the disease. Sonic Oxygenic Device uses sonic waves to improve the function of the large intestine meridian while improving lung ventilation. More than 50% of Sonic Oxygenic Device users recover from asthma after a few months of treatment.

Cervical & Lumbar Disease

Insufficient Qi in the kidney meridian usually causes cervical and lumbar diseases. This will lead to bone disease eventually. However, bone diseases also involve the liver, gallbladder and spleen meridians. When problems occur in the bone, patients should take care of the gallbladder and stomach meridians to cure the root of the problem. Under the guidance of a professional meridian therapist, patients will normally recover from pain in a few weeks. During treatment, focus on the bladder and triple burner meridians, then the small intestine and triple burner meridians, and the stomach and triple burner meridians. Repeat them interchangeably. The root of some hypertension and heart diseases are actually caused by cervical problems. Hypertension and heart disease will be improved during the treatment of cervical and lumbar diseases.

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