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Brand Story

The Sonic Oxygenic Device was built upon the core fundamentals of Chinese medicine and cutting-edge technology, and aims to restore the flow of the Qi and blood so that the body can function optimally. The Qi and blood flow in the body can be disrupted by daily stress in life, hard work, strenuous exercise, and more. When the blood circulation is clogged, it will cause acidification and swelling of the tissues. This amazing device was designed to diagnose the patterns of disharmony in the body, and administer treatments to remove the impediments and restore the natural balance, and as a result, people will feel younger, lighter, fresher and more energetic.

In 1987, Mr. Lee Zhi Chao and Mr. Zhu Zong Xiang, from Institute of Biophysics under the Chinese Academy Of Science and the head of Chinese Academy Of Traditional Medicine, published their studies about the sound frequencies in biological systems in their book, “Eternal Mystery”. They found that sound frequencies could be transmitted along the Meridian system in the body.

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